“Cara is friendly, accessible, responsive, and always eager to help and go the extra mile for you if needed. It was truly a pleasure to work with her and I recommend her with no reservations whatsoever. If you want someone to help grow and promote your business the right way, you’d be very lucky to work with Cara, a talented copywriter, and marketing strategist”

Projects included: Guest Blogging, Web Content, Blog Content, Ad Copy, Marketing Strategy, & Email Marketing

–Diana Cristea, Marketing Manager, Scopic Software

“Cara helped us in so many ways, starting with reviewing our digital marketing plan and identifying gaps or ways that we could reach our goals in a better way. She then helped with the setup of our MailChimp drip campaigns, wrote blogs for us and kicked off our social media. It was great to have Cara there for advice and feedback on our website and communications. It is truly a pleasure working with Cara and I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She is friendly, smart, professional and delivered well for our business.”

Projects included: Blog Content, Web Content, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

–Alison Johnson, Co-Founder, Wherecani.live

“I was fortunate to work with Cara in regards to my email campaigns. After quickly looking over my campaigns she was able to find missed opportunities and issues that I and my staff overlooked. She shared with me her expertise and gave me and my team key-practical advice. Anyone who is looking for advice or guidance in regards to email marketing, Cara is the one. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Projects included: Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy

–Mike Joseph, Founder, VisualMedia Marketing Inc.

“It has been a wonderful experience working with Cara. A professional digital strategist and content creator, she is dependable and full of creative ideas! A joy to work with!”

Projects included: Guest Blogging, Blog Content, Marketing Strategy

–Bryan McNutt, Strategic Director at Med Spa Marketing Group

“Cara did a great job – she takes the lead and has plenty of good ideas.”

Projects included: Guest Blogging, Web Content, Blog Content, Ad Copy, Marketing Strategy, & Email Marketing

–Michael Zechmann, Author of More Money Now & Financial Expert

“Cara is a true joy to work with. She has a way with words and really helped my content stand out. I appreciate her work.”

Projects included: Email Sequence Content, Press Releases, Web Content, and more.

–Alecia May, CEO of Eventistry by Alecia

“If you are looking for creative writing, Cara is perfect for that. Thanks for another great job completed.”

Projects included: Email Sequence Content and blog content.

–Kristina Pototskaya, CMO of TriggMine

“Great to work with Cara again, she’s always thorough in her work and has a brilliant writing style. Highly recommend for any creative writing jobs.”

Projects included: Custom blog content.

–Arjun Datta, ProClinical Staffing

“I had a great experience working with Cara, she was thorough and extremely competent. I would highly recommend her and I will use her again if I have the opportunity.”

Projects included: Website creation, blog content, social media

–John Goodish, Entrepreneur